Smart Effector power loss

  • I have the Smart Effector v1.3 and have been using it for a while. Today it started to flash the LED's and fans on and off randomly like the whole unit is losing power.

    I took the effector off, and it looks ok visually. I started tracing VCC with my multi-meter, and it appears that R7 is the issue. I am not getting any continuity or resistance across R7, which goes to RST on the ATTINY45.

    Any recommended fixes/workarounds without having to replace the Smart Effector?

  • administrators

    The LED and hot end fan circuit is completely separate from the attiny-based probe circuit. My guess is that you have a bad crimp connection.

  • @dc42 Sorry, its the part cooling fans that keep turning on and off as the LED's turn off and on.