Panel Due odd behavior

  • I just got my kit with the 7" LCD and Panel Due w\ Duet Ethernet. The cable that came with it has DuPont connectors on it, and I would say its about 24" long with out measuring it. The boards and the LCD all turned on but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't connect. checked, the Baud rate, jumpers, tested the cable with a meter, Updated the firmware on both, all seemed just fine. I used a 4 pin jumper that is a spare for the external driver boards on another printer. I noticed that the jumper I made was a much firmer connection. when turned on after a min they connected. All happy it worked I played the the setting a little. I switched it to the dark display colors. I saved and rebooted. after that even with teh different cable it would keep the connecting in the top right and not connect. I hit clear settings, restarted it and Ta Da it connects!

    Since the shorter cable works, It has to be the length or terminals that are at fault. I have Dupont connector kit and will cut these off and put new one there. I have a Molex kit on the way but it will be about a week getting to me.

    Is there a length limit for the cable? I have a rather tall Delta printer this will be for, sitting on the desk it taller than I am. so having the lcd/tft further down would be an advantage for me. I guess I should ask about the same being true for the SD cable. All of mine are 8 pin instead of 10, so I will probably make one of those as well instead of waiting for an order.

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    You probably have a bad crimp connection at one end of the transmit or receive data conductor in the cable. The 4-way power and signal cable can be very long but the resistance per conductor should be kept to 0.1 ohms or less. The one on my delta is nearly 2m long.

    The ribbon cable used to connect the SD card socket is limited to about 0.4m.

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