Upgrading to RR3.x

  • I am still on RR2.x. I have recently rebuilt my printer and have the physical bugs worked out to confirm it wasn't software impacting most of the issues I have been having (I didn't want to troubleshoot known problems and a new firmware at the same time).
    To upgrade to RR3, could I just go to the RepRap configurator, input all of my details, click the get most recent firmware check box at the end, and put everything on a new/clean micro SD card, and call it a day?

    Would that be the easiest/cleanest, possibly best trouble free method to upgrade RR3?


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    That would be a good way to start. Depending on what features you are using though, you may need to make some manual implementations. The configurator should get you a good start to work from though.

  • you'd probably want to upgrade to 2.05, 3.0 then 3.1.0

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    It was my understanding that as of 3.1 you'd no longer need to do an intermediary 3.0 anymore, but maybe that isn't the case yet...

  • https://github.com/Duet3D/RepRapFirmware/releases/tag/3.1.1

    Users of RepRapFirmware 2.x cannot upgrade directly to this release because the binaries for the Duet 2 series are too large for the Duet 2 IAP programs. So you must upgrade to RepRapFirmware 3.0 first, then you can upgrade immediately to version 3.1.1. Alternatively, you can use Bossa over USB to upgrade directly to RepRapFirmware 3.1.1 but in this case you will need to upload DWC 3.1.1 and the appropriate IAP file separately.

  • Should I update the config on the Duet2 for RR3.0, before I upgrade the firmware? It would have to boot up to that RR3.x config using the RR2.x software at least once before it was upgraded... Or even if I put RR3.0 on the Duet2 first, it would be running the old config version for a short amount of time...
    I don't know what the safe way to run it would be... It's been awhile since I read over the instructions and just don't remember this being in there... If this is listed as one of the steps, just tell me to go pack sand and read it again.


  • i'd make sure to have M552 S1 and M575 P1 B57600 S1 at the top of config.g so both network and PanelDue (if you have one) will work after the update even if there is a problem with the config.g file.

    but i think you should be able to upload the RRF3 config.g file, not restart and then upload the rrf 3.0 release .zip file and happy shiny after, the above is just a precaution.

  • Ahh.. Yes...
    Thank is a good idea!
    I don't know why I didn't think of that (upload config, but don't reboot Deut2).

  • @BlueDust just to repeat myself, you now need to add the M575 command to use PanelDue even on the Duet 2. It will default to off after 3.1.0.

  • @bearer said in Upgrading to RR3.x:


    I already have M552 S1 to enable network on my RR2.x config.
    BUT (obviously) do not have the M575 command in the config.

    The description of M575 makes it sound like it is only disabled by default for Duet3....

    So thank you for that info!

  • What are the chances of someone writing a script to convert the config file from 2.x to 3.x? It may not be perfect but it would sure be helpful to get folks started.

  • @aerouta
    As long as it updated the BASIC settings required, and commented out everything "extra" the script wasn't aware of, it shouldn't be too hard. Would need to add a comment to the commented out G code saying it was commented out and requires manual intervention....
    Anything extra, the script wasn't aware of could always be added at a later time, but changing just a few G code commands is way easier than trying to figure out ALL the changes.
    I plan to upgrade to 3.x after I get this Windmill finished.... Between prints, I upgraded my PanelDue and DWC today. But I am not looking forward to read the instructions on converting the printer again (I read them when 3 RC first released).

  • @BlueDust
    in my opinion the examples do a poor job of walking through what a basic transition between a 2.x and 3.x would look like without all the "extra bells and whistles" of 3.x. The fact that the provided examples for M308, and M950 are not related you don't really get a good understanding of what is happening and how to define what is needed for your own setup.

    I would like to see a fully defined set, (an actually working config file) if some and provide one?

  • @robinS3 Awesome!! Thanks a ton for the link

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