• After finally getting my I3 working well I am ready to start a new project. I want to build a larger printer with 2-3 extuders. Should I go with an X-Y or Kossel. I understand the XY system more, the Delta seems to be smoke and mirrors and magic!
    I want to be able to print very accurate prints.

  • When you say large printer, do you mean tall or wide or both? What sort of things do you want to print? Why 2 or 3 extruders - for multi colour mixing or different materials? Is cost an issue?


    Large format with the accuracy and speed of a small printer…

  • I want to build a "core cube" but using idex system. Need to search more, not much models in the horizont

  • My next project will be to build an interim machine to increase accuracy and build volume. My initial budget is 1000€ just to get it printing. I am looking at a 500cm heated enclosed build space, 2 extruders and a .2mm extrusion. I want rails and Flex3Drive. I am not sure what the initial hotend will be but that is easily upgraded. This will be a proof of concept system.

  • The framing system will be baked carbon fiber to which the rails will be attached. I have lots of CF and epoxy and if I make this a cube style I have some ideas to make the look much "sexier"! Whatever the hell that means!

  • Lol sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing the build.

  • Well as I am a sailing skipper and have a tight schedule from the middle of June till March it will be a slow process but I will try to update my progress. Going with the XY platform.

  • Maybe a non corexy with idex system. .4 for perimeters and .8 for infill.

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