Duet 2 Wifi Driver Failure

  • So I was trying to get my homebrew toolchanger up and running, and I had some 28 Ncm steppers on the x-y axis and I decided to swap them for other motors I had (48 Ncm). I got the belts hooked up, got the motors wired up (turns out I had one of them backwards), booted the machine up and tried to get it to home. No surprises it didn't home, but what did surprise me, was that my Y-axis stepper driver gave up the magic blue smoke. I'm capable of replacing the driver, so its not exactly the end of the world, but I would like to determine root cause...anyone have any ideas? All I can think of is that maybe I pushed it into an overcurrent situation? But I would have thought that the TMC 2660's would have shut off in the even of overcurrent

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    The most likely explanations are:

    • The new Y motor was wired incorrectly. It is vital that one phase is connected to the 2 pins at one end of the 4 pin motor connector on the Duet connector, and the other phase is connected to the 2 pins at the other end. If your stepper motor has a detachable cable, you must check the phases, because different stepper motor manufacturers use different pinouts on the stepper motor.
    • There was a short inside the new motor, or a stray wire strand shorting two pins together, or a short between one of the motor connections and ground.
    • If you have only had the Duet for a short time, the motors are phased correctly and there are no shorts, then it might be an infant mortality failure of the stepper driver, which would be covered by the warranty.

    HTH David

  • Ok so my motor was mis-wired so thats my bad. The driver shorted to ground, so that IC (Y-axis) was getting very hot when the board was powered. I've since desoldered that particular TMC2660 so I have a bare spot and I'm just going to use the E1 driver for my axis. I have a new problem now though, the board is reporting Short to GND on Driver 1 and over temperature shut down on Driver 1. Is there a simple way to ignore those errors for now? I have a new TMC2660 ordered but I'd like to continue for the time being.

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    @DukeMachine M569 P1 R-1 should do it, R-1 sets "driver is always disabled and is not monitored". See https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/Gcode#Section_M569_Set_motor_driver_direction_enable_polarity_and_step_pulse_timing


  • @droftarts said in Duet 2 Wifi Driver Failure:

    M569 P1 R-1

    That did it, thank you!

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