External Gcode Button

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  • And i am using RRF3.0 so there is no "S"Paramater

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    @MauriceM said in External Gcode Button:

    Hello, i want to install external Gcode Buttons on my printer.

    I allready configured the M581 to toggle the GCode, i want to control LEDs with it. my question is, if it is possible to turn the Light on and of with only one button, like a Loop, so that i dont have to use two switches

    If you upgrade to RRF 3.1.1 then I think it is possible, because you can read both the switch and the existing state of a GpOut port.

  • ok thanks, than i will upgrade to RRF3.1

    but i have another question, i wanted to use the e2stop pin put the gcode got triggered instantly.... and i dont know why

    Also i get a measurement when i messure the
    continuity to ground, is this right?, this is the case by all pins on the Expansion side

    Edit: its only getting weirder, the trigger only triggers, when a cable is attached, so when i add an cable the trigger triggers

  • i upgraded the firmware to RFF3.1.1, now i have the problem with the always triggered on everey Pin, even on e1stop, witch didnt had that problem on 3.0, i switched back and the e1stop is working but the expansion pins dont.....