Bed Temperature Zones/Averaging

  • I've been thinking recently about how I should measure the temperature of a heated bed I've been making for a larger printer. In a previous role, part of my job involved looking at test data from various products. In that test data we would use multiple temperature probes to find the hotspots, and the average over the entire area too. Thermal imaging was simply not possible.

    If the heated bed of a printer was internally split and controlled in blocks, then theoretically, if there was a significant imbalance of heat, maybe hotspots or cold areas in one specific block, the current could be altered in that area only and bring the temperature in line with other areas.

    I might be wildly overthinking this and I haven't really found anything online other than thermal imaging data, some of those show some areas 10c lower than the measured temperature by the single probe. Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share on it?

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