Help Needed setting up

  • Hi all

    After a bit of guidance. I’m just starting out with a Duet 3D I’ve followed the instructions on their website and have go all the way up to web control interface, but when I try and connect through the web page, the board won’t connect. Have I missed something/ a step? It was 11:30 last night and was a bit stressed, si I can’t say exactly what I did.

    Also, my machine is screw driven 1000x500 (Openbuilds Workbee 1050).I’ve looked in the sub folders of the firmware I downloaded from OOznest but I’m no sure if any of the folders in there will be ok to use on my machine ( except the 500x500 but I’d loose 500mm on my y axis) or how would I create my own?


  • @Sp00kie13

    What errors were you getting with the web interface?

    In terms of the setup, I would use the 750 x 1000 and then modify the config to suit. Shouldn't be too much to change

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