Board goes silent Duet WiFi

  • Hi,

    My board burned the VSSA fuse for the hotend temp reading and I have replaced it as per instructions here [[link text](link url)](link url)

    When I start up the board it reads ok but it does not work ok, it does not move for example.. Then when I cycle power its all dead and paneldue is in connecting status..

    If I leave it off for 5 minutes it comes up again and read temp but nothing more.. cycle power and its dead. Also I have tried to disconnect everything but luck...

    Any idea if this is fixable or do I need to buy an new board.

  • Have you looked at the other fuses (if any)? Which revision of Duet is it?

  • It’s a 1.01 board.
    Other fuses haven’t checked those but it seems like it resets after some five minutes without power but then it it does the same thing again and I can repeat it over and over.

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