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  • Hi
    I have defined a u-axis (M584 X0 Y1 Z2 U4 E3) which works perfect. The problem now is, that I need "infinite" rotation on this axis. This means I don't want to have an upper limit. Even I define only limits with M208 for x, y and z, the u-axis still stops at 250. I also don't want to disable the limits with M564.
    Is there any possibility to use an axis without a limit and have a limit for the other axis?

    Thank you.

  • I have no idea how stupid my idea is, but you can try. As limiting command M208 must be after M584 command to work, you should try this:
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E3
    M208 (your limits)S0
    M208 (your limits)S1
    M584 U4

    And as i said, have no clue if its really works that way, so sorry wasting your time if it does not.

  • Have you tried giving it a maximum and minimum of 0?

  • Thank you for your ideas. I have testet them both. Unfortunately both do not work. With both I can only move from 0 - 200 then it stops. I assume, that 200 is the default limit.
    Any other ideas?

  • What for you using it? If you could define it as extruder, then you dont have limits. Only limit for extruder is temperature but you can always allow cold extrusion.

  • I did already try it as an extruder axis. But there are two big disadvantage:

    • there is no possibility for a homing on an extrusion axis (as far as I know). And we need homing to know in which position the axis is.
    • only relative movement is allowed, which is not the best for the application.

  • you could put a very high value in, such as 1000000. How infinite do you need it to be?

  • Yes, if there is no other solution, this may be what I will do. And maybe I can reset the position with G92 if it gets too high. But no limit would still be better...

  • one for @dc42 to point in the right direction

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    Moved to the firmware wishlist area for @dc42 to see.

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    I've added this to the work list for RRF 3.2. RRF already supports continuous rotation axes for certain kinematics, but at present there is no way to configure an axes as a continuous rotation axis manually.

  • Thank you for your answer. What kinematics do have continuous rotation axis? How can I choose it? Maybe I can make a work around, since the gcode is not generated by a slicer, but by a script code, which I made myself.

  • administrators

    Continuous rotation axes can be created in the latest firmware builds from the v3.02-dev branch on github.

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