Ok to use UI slider for LED lighting control?

  • I didn't see anything specific to this question - so thought I would add it in here:

    It occurred to me that the LED strips on my machine are powered simply by using one of the Fan connectors.
    Right now I turn them on with "M106 P2 S255" and off with "M106 P2 S0"
    The Duet Board allows you to display the fan sliders in the UI.

    So..my question:

    Are there any dangers to the electronics or LED strips in using the UI Fan 3 slider as a dimmer for the LEDs? Or is it best to use them in Off/On modes only?

    Thanks in advance -

  • administrators

    It's OK to use PWM on ordinary LED strips, so you can use the sliders.

  • Thank you, sir!

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