New prints all coming out like this.

  • After getting my machine all back up and running with firmware 3.1. All of my prints are coming out the same way, I am not sure what setting I am missing. All the prints feel very weak. I am slicing in Cura. 20200607_105240.jpg 20200607_105221.jpg


  • My first guess would be under extrusion. Have you caibated the extruder ?

  • Yes, it is spot on. I marked of 20 mm sections on my filament and run 20 mm in web contol and it always hits the mark.

  • My next guess would be that your z axis calibration is off. In other words when you are increasing Z to put down a new layer, you are stepping more than what the Duet thinks.

  • Yes, this is what I was think to, but I printed a calibration cat yesterday from Thingaverse. It said it should be 35 mm tall, when I used some calipers to check it, it was only about 1/2 mm off. I am running my Z axis at 400 step per.

  • I am fresh out of ideas - maybe somebody else could look at it from a different point of view. Sorry ....

  • @jens55 Z axis may be binding? If the Z axis uses two lead screws, make sure the X axis is perpendicular/ Level with the Z axis. If the Z axis is binding it can cause one side of Z to go up when the other side is stuck, causing the layers to look wonky.

  • I am thinking this may be the problem. I am using two z axis motors and the left side seems to drop a little. I orders some anti backlash nuts to see if that will help.


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