Duet 2 wifi controlling brushless drone motors

  • Hi all, hope you're all taking care in these terbulant times.

    I am in the process of building a shuttle feeder to help aid in my badminton training once we're allowed back to sports centres - this is the 'cockrocket MK3' so I'm slowly getting to a more defined design. I started with using servos but they keep burning out tragically.

    I'm currently using an arduino with stepper drivers, but I'm have a spare duet board from an older project and I'm wondering if I can use a duet instead.

    The movement is two parts:

    Part 1 is done by 3 stepper motors that would rotate about 45 degrees clockwise and anti clockwise to turn an iris to feed the shuttles down and out towards two wheels. This process happens on repeat for 24 rounds as a round holds 24 shuttlecocks (was originally a servo but they're burning out on me)

    Part 2 is done by two drone motors that spin and fling the shuttle away to the other side of the court. These motors have to be armed to fire and it's done via the servo library in arduino.

    I was wondering how I would attack this with the duet, I dont know if this is the best use case for it either. Hopefully that all makes sense, will happily send across some pictures if they're needed!

  • if using a "normal" ESC for the brushless motors you can probably use this as a servo with the duet as well.


  • Understood, would this code be put in the config.g file or is there a better place to put it?

  • @magdi you'd need to send M280 at the time you need the motors to "fire" (and/or "arm")

    if you need it to go to a default possition at power on then also add a line to config.g

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