Setting the Nozzle height

  • I have some problems setting the nozzle height.
    Probably I don't fully understand... Of course I have followed the instruction of setting the Z-height as described. What I understand from this instruction is that I am setting up the difference between the probe and the nozzle. At this moment I am using the babysteps in the DWC, while everything is heating up, to make sure the nozzle doesn't touch the bed.

    But I want to set the nozzle height (like with the paper-test) and set that value in the config.g (or any other file that I need to save it).

    I am pretty new to this, so I am sure it is due to my lack of understanding. But I am learning, so help would be very welcome!

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    Well you need to set the trigger height in G31 using this procedure.

    Then, if your extrusion is well tuned and the bed perfectly flat, the first layer should be quite good. Otherwise you may need to adjust it slightly with baby stepping. That slight change in baby stepping can be used to modify the G31 in config.g to save it for future prints.

  • @Phaedrux Thanks!!!

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