Z-steppers home direction wrong??

  • I am busy with the BLV printer and Duet2Wifi setup: I can home X & Y as.
    But the Z-as home direction is not correct it lowers the bed (and the ir-probe is attached to the heatend-fan unit.. so, it must go up 😉

    I have tried to change the direction, same results. (Using online configurator)
    Don't want to change the wires.

    any idea's ?

    can't send the config-files here...

  • We can not help if you can not post config files. What we need is config.g (at least endstops and probe section of it) and homeall.g and homez.g

  • @knutselsmurf

    Fixed, the new config file was not uploaded to the sdcard 😀

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