IR probe as endstop?

  • Hi,

    I ordered a IR probe to ged rid of all of the annoying connection problem with the bl touch.
    I love that tiny peace of electronic and the overall design.
    My idea is not to use them as endstops for my corexy build. Would that be possible? That may not be the cheapest solution but I like the idea of having that extra glamour on my new build. 😁

    Edit: Duet 3
    Cheers, chriss

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    Yes I believe you can wire them up as endstops.

  • @Chriss For info, my very first printer was RepRapPro Mendel which used the IR Z probe to also home X. There was plastic lug sticking out of the X gantry plate such that at X min, the IR probe would be over that lug. It was a printed plastic part and the "official" instruction s were to paint it white. So if you can arrange some "lugs" on you frame that will line up with the IR probe, in theory you could use the same probe for all 3 axes. Of course it all depends on the relative position of the bed, printer frame and carriages.

  • Thank you guys! I will start reading a bit more documentation tomorrow. Nice nice 😁

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