Smart Tool Board

  • The Smart Effector was my entry into the Duet3D world and even if I don't own a delta currently I still think it's an ingenious design.

    The toolboard for Duet3 is fun! Overkill for a single tool machine some may claim, but I really like the local cable management.

    I'd love to see a combination of the two! Strain gauge on a tool board so to say (-;

    And that's the end of my wishlist entry.

  • a "no limits" delta with such a combination would be s(l)ick, but not sure how many would justify the cost?

  • Not just for Deltas, but a rectangular one for other motion systems as well (-: in combination with the often cited "brains only" duet3 idea it could be fun: 1XD for X and Y, whatever for Z and smart tool board for the extrusion system ...

    A man can dream (-;

  • @oliof said in Smart Tool Board:


    💡 i could get behind that - but it would probaly need to pretty much be a load cell and flex in just one direction methinks.

    i have a couple of weeks with just one hand, hopefully I'll have a hemera, and one of those generic SammyC21 boards to play with when the other hand is back in business, maybe I can sketch out something in the meanwhile

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