Printing problems

  • Hello,
    I have a problem with the X and Y axes, when I move X from the computer Y also moves.

    When I move Y, X also moves.

    The problem is also present when the head goes into position to start printing.
    But during printing there are no problems

    My object prints in the bottom right (and overflows from the bed) instead of the middle of the bed

    I have another problem, my print is rotated 90 °,

    on the photo it is the Calibration cube available on Thinginverse.

    Have a good day .

    Thank you

    photo of printing problem

  • Moderator

    Please share some more information about your printer.
    What brand/model is it?
    What kinematic type?
    What duet board?
    What firmware version?
    Please post the contents of your config.g and homing files.

    Based on your description of the problem it would seem that you don't have the coordinate system setup correctly. This is based on the location of the endstops and the direction of movement. So please tell us where your endstops are located physically. It also may be that you are using an incorrect kinematic type.

  • hello, sorry for the response time, I did not have time to connect. the evening I posted my message, I saw my mistake. I used the XY configuration instead of Cartesian. Thank you for your reply 😉

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