Smart effector 2.0 vs. 1.3 ?

  • Hi,

    Is there a list of (significant) changes between these 2 versions of the smart effector? I just bought one and it's 1.3 and I wanted to know if I was going to be missing out on anything important?

    The only difference I (think I) can see from the documentation are that the position of the thermistor connector moved and that a micro-fit connector was added for the hotend.


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    I'm sorry, this should be covered in the documentation, which we will update.

    The differences are:

    • In version 2 we rearranged the connectors so that the hot end heatsink fan can be positioned further away from the strain gauge amplifier. This was because the strain gauge amplifier is sensitive to magnetic fields from a running fan. The standard E3D 30mm fan does not cause a problem, but some users fit 40mm fans instead.

    • In version 2 the PCB traces between the incoming and outgoing heater connectors are widened and on both sides of the PCB, to better handle higher powered 12V heaters.

    • Later firmware revisions on the v2.0 do an integrity check of the strain gauge traces at power up and flash an error code on the green LED if it detects a problem

  • Thanks for the detailed reply. And I'm glad to hear that it sounds like 1.3 will be fine for me (e3d fan + 24v 30W heater).

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