8 pin molex to duet board

  • This is a pic of the way I have my 8 pin Molex from effector to board wired. Wires going from effector to board are. Black from Vcc to 3.5, Green from Mod to Mod, Red from GND to GND and Blue from out to in. PT100 from T2, T3 to EO. It would be good to get some feedback if it's ok.

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    That sounds good to me, even though you have used unconventional wire colours.

  • are you really using a PT100 if so that will not work when connected to a Thermistor input and I can't see evidence of a RTD Daughter board in your pic.

  • @Dougal1957 Yep, you are right on there. I did not know about the daughterboard. I had a spare sensor so I put that in and I think it must be a pt1000 as the hotend heat current no reads 12c.

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