Optimized stepper motor settings

  • What are the optimized settings for the x, y, z and e steppers of the Blv printer?

    Max speed change (mm/s)
    Acceleration (mm/s)
    Motor current (mA)

    It depends of the steppernotor model ofcourse.

    I have these steppers:
    17HM19-2004S : 0.90 step angle, 2 amp/phase

    17HS16-2004S1 : 1.80 step angle, 2 amp/phase

    Can anyone explain how it works and how it must be calculated?

  • Moderator

    @knutselsmurf You can get an idea of what the maximum speed for your motors should be by using the EMF calculator here: https://www.reprapfirmware.org/

    Which Duet board do you have? What is the supply voltage? Microstepping should be set to x16 with interpolation, at least to start with. Steps per mm will depend on your belts. Motor current should be set, at maximum, to 85% of rated motor current (if you have 2A motors, 1.6A will be fine). This should give you a maximum speed and step rate from the calculator, and make sure you do not exceed back EMF limits.

    Acceleration is more difficult, as it will depend on the weight of the axes, friction and so on, before acceleration causes missed steps. Once everything else is set, start will low acceleration, and increase it until either the motor misses steps, or you are happy. Be aware that very high acceleration will cause backlash/ringing even if the motors can cope with it, due to other limitations in the physical build.


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