DuetWifi + PanelDue –> white blank screen

  • Hey there,

    I received my package several days ago containing the DuetWifi board, PanelDue touchscreen and wires + contacts and connectors.

    I decided to connect my PanelDue to the DuetWifi board and power it up to see if everything is functionnal.

    Worked for a while from a 12V powersource, then it suddenly rebooted and stuck on a bright white blank screen.

    Could not get it to work again ever since. Any idea what I did wrong ? What should I do now ?

  • Have you tried reflashing the PanelDue firmware? Can you still see the Duet over Wifi?

  • Hello,

    Very sorry for the delay.

    I tried to reflash the firmware but the board is not even detected by the software. Tried from another computer on both Windows and Linux, still no sign of life.

    EDIT : nevermind, I actually managed to reflash the DuetWifi firmware, also I reflashed the PanelDue's itself with its own firmware via bossac utility.
    Everything seems to be functional, will test tomorrow with stepper and heatbed wired.

    EDIT 2 : Everything is working as expected. My metamorph 3D printer project can now continue 🙂

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