Unable to control part cooling fan from PanelDue

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    I'm in the process of commissioning a new printer and have just noticed a weird cooling fan problem.

    I am unable to control the cooling fan from the machines PanelDue unless the hotend fan is running. The PanelDue shows whatever speed you have set it to but it makes no change to the state of the fan. Changes to fan speed on the PanelDue do not appear to register with the DWC either. Apart from the fan all other commands from the PanelDue work correctly, as far as I can ascertain at present.

    If the hotend fan is running then I can control the cooling fan from the PanelDue, but changes to the Fan speed, in the PanelDue Print tab, also appear to change the speed of the hotend fan as you can hear the pitch of the hotend fan whirr get noticeably louder. If you touch it gently the hotend fan feels to be spinning a lot faster too.

    The cooling fan operates as I would expect from the DWC. I can operate the cooling fan with or without the hotend fan running and if the hotend fan is running then changes to the cooling fan speed in DWC do not impact on the speed of the hotend fan.

    I am running Firmware version 3.1.1 and PanelDue Firmware 1.24 for a 7" integrated item.


    I hope this makes sense. Any help you can give me in resolving this problem will be gratefully received.



  • There seems to be a little mess with fans configuration. Fan 0 is part cooling fan and should be controlled by gcode, so it should be assigned to tool, hotend cooling fan should be thermostatically controlled and should not be assigned to tool. So i think your relevant section of config.g should look like this:
    M950 F0 C"fan0" Q500
    M106 P0 S0 H-1
    M950 F1 C"fan1" Q500
    M106 P1 S0 H1 T45

    M563 P0 D0 H1 F0

    Assuming your part cooling fan is connected to fan0, and hotend cooling fan connected to fan1 connectors.

  • Hi @aidar my fans are actually set up the other way around so the hotend is Fan 0, thermostatically controlled so it switches on at 45°C, and the part cooling is Fan 1.

  • I see. then M563 should looks like M563 P0 D0 H1 F1. And ignore my previous post about fan section in config.g

  • Good spot. That explains why I was controlling both fans! Thanks

    I still don't get why I can only control the cooling fan, from the PanelDue, if the hotend fan is running though. It makes no difference from DWC.

    I realise that under print conditions the HE fan will / should be running but it had me scratching my head until I realised it worked fine from DWC. I'd checked all my wiring and could see that the fan ran for a split second, when I powered the board on, so I was confident everything ought to work but it didn't appear to as far as the PanelDue was concerned.

  • My understanding is, and i can be wrong of course, that paneldue dont know about fans remapping, thats why i reccomended to use fan0 as part cooling fan and fan1 as hotend fan.

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    It's recommended to use fan0 as part cooling and fan1 as hotend for a reason. Several reasons.

    Fan0 is most compatible with slicers because they can't usually target a fan number. This is less of an issue now with binding a fan# to a tool.

    Fan1 is recommended for the hotend because it is turned on automatically at power up before any config is even loaded to help in cases where the printer may have been rebooted with the hotend at temp. This can help halt heat creep and blockages.

    As for the paneldue limitations, i'm not sure but that could be possible. It does have some fairly rigid expectations.

  • Thanks for the info. I will swap my fans around when I get a chance

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