How can one duplicate somebody else's slicer settings?

  • I have a model that prints badly with my printer but prints nicely with a friend's printer.
    We both use Cura so I figured it's just a matter of exporting the whole project as a 3mf file and dragging that file into my Cura install.
    Well it appears that this concept seems to be too intuitive 😞 The model came across but apparently the settings did not (from what I can tell)

    How can I get all of his settings into my copy of Cura so I can attempt to print the model on my printer the same way he is printing it on his printer ?

  • Moderator

    You can export your settings from the settings dialogue.

  • I don't seem to see that option ......

    but, even if that option was there, I would need to IMPORT the options that worked with the other printer in order to try the same setup with my printer.

  • Moderator

    Preferences > profiles > import export buttons along the top.

  • Excellent, got it .... THANKS!

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