Duet 3 Expansion 1XD - CAN-FD Single External Driver Controller

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    We are excited to officially announce a new member of the Duet 3 hardware family.

    The 1XD board provides step, direction and enable outputs to interface a Duet 3 system with a motor controller that takes those inputs. In addition it has a number of peripheral inputs and outputs.


    We have a (very) limited number of prototypes of this board available for people who are immediately able to test them (i.e. they have a machine with external stepper drivers or servos that accept step/dir input, and want to move that to Duet 3). If that is you, please contact me by email info [at] duet3d [dot] com

    The documentation is under development and is available here:

    For those interested the Schematic and BOM are available on github here:

    Once it is in full production it will be available from our resellers for an RRP of £39.50

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