Duet conversion of Xinkebot Orca

  • Our makerspace's modified Xinkebot Orca spent the last few months valiantly printing PPE in my basement, and was slowly accumulating issues. Seeing as I had most of a working Duet2 WiFi recently made redundant thanks to the shiny new Duet3, I thought I'd thank it for its service with a little upgrade before returning it to the space for general use. Primary goal of upgrade was increased reliability and usability, and commonality with our Duet-driven Railcore, along with switch to a Volcano hotend to complement the big build volume.

    First thing was designing a new enclosure for the Duet2 Wifi:



    Then an enclosure for the PanelDue:


    And of course a new hotend carriage for the Volcano:


    Still need to dial in print settings, speeds, and feeds, but even with the big twist the glass bed has developed over the years, things seem to be looking good!

    Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.12.38 PM.png


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