SOLVED Duet 3 TB6600 External stepper drivers

  • I'm converting a Creatbot D600 to a Duet3 and am having trouble with the motors. I found put that the creatbot uses nema 23 motors for all the axis. I guess the motors are rated for 3A so the duet 3 should be ale to power them but im having no luck. They just buzz real loud with no movement. The creatbot comes with the TB6600 drivers but i cant seem to find how to wire them as external drivers into a duet 3. Every guide i've found is for a duet 2 or duet wifi. So is it possible to hook up a TB6600 driver to a Duet3 board or couli just use the drivers on the main Duet3?

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    Do you have the specs or model number for those motors?
    It sounds like they are either not wired correctly, or not using enough motor current. How do you have them configured?

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    @3DDP said in Duet 3 TB6600 External stepper drivers:

    They just buzz real loud with no movement.

    That's usually a sign that you have not phased the motor wires correctly. Always check that you have paired the wires into phases before connecting them to a controller. If the wires are not correctly phase then the driver is unable to control the current in the windings. If you are lucky, the short circuit detection will kick in fast enough to shut down the driver and prevent damage; but if you are unlucky, the driver will be damaged.

  • Found it. had a phase wired wrong. motors are good now and moving. Thanks Everyone

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