IR-Probe @Duet 3 Expansion?

  • Hi *,

    I have a Duet3 Expansion 3HC to control all components on my print head (at my new corexy). That may be a bit oversized but I like the clean design.
    Long story short: I configured the the IR-Probe and connected it to "" and I got this message:

    6/26/2020, 5:33:26 PM 	Error: M558: M558: only Z probe types 8 and 9 are supported on expansion boards

    Do I really have to connect the IR-Probe to the mainboard or is there an workaround?

    Cheers, Chriss

  • i think the workaround is to use mode 8?

    betewen dc42 having said the analouge mode will or have been removed and this post stating the inputs have pull ups that effectively forces the ir probe to digital mode?

  • @bearer Thanks.. that did it. I'm a bit confused, it my first reflex was the mode 8 but it did not work. Well, I played a bit with the config in the meantime, that ańd your confirmation did the trick. 🙂
    At least one success today.

    Cheers, Chriss

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