"reported by driver(s) 3" - what driver is this

  • getting this:
    Warning: motor phase A may be disconnected reported by driver(s) 3

    What driver is "3" on duet2eth ?

    M569 P0 S0
    M569 P1 S0
    M569 P2 S0
    M569 P3 S0
    M569 P4 S0
    M584 X0 Y1 Z2 E3

    is this 3rd so Z or no3 so E ?


  • @arhi said in "reported by driver(s) 3" - what driver is this:

    is this 3rd so Z or no3 so E ?

    E0 yes. (and E1 is 4)

  • thanks, I hope it's just a cable 😄

  • it could be the driver is pushing (a lot) less current through the motor than expected as well i think, due to speed/voltage/voodoo.

  • @bearer was working ok till some 20 hours ago, started to be "flaky" 20h ago and now is seriously underextruding (useles print), I was cleaning nozzle 10 times till I noticed warning in DWC ... I doubt it's current/speed related I'm especially printing "slow" these parts so pushing a little bit of filament (30mm/sec 0.2mm layer ... normally I do 80mm/sec 0.5mm layer without a problem) ... I'll recheck the cable in the morning, my wire harness for the whole extruder is garbage as I changed what's happening there too many times (remote direct -> direct, piezo -> bltouch -> piezo analog -> piezo trough coax etc etc..) so need to remove some wires, replace others and change the cable chain for the bigger one... if this didn't kill the driver, that would be a bummer as I have bunch of different TMC drivers here but not the 2660 ones 😞 (anyhow can switch to E1 it's not used attm)

  • it was cable 😄

  • administrators

    I'm glad that the message revealed the problem! Mostly when I see that "may be disconnected" message reported on the forum, it's a false alarm, so I have considered removing that feature. Unfortunately I have no idea how often that message occurs and the user just mends the cable without posting on the forum.

  • @dc42 said in "reported by driver(s) 3" - what driver is this:

    so I have considered removing that feature.

    I would actually make it more prominent 😄 .. attm if you are not looking at the DWC you don't see it unless you actually click on the console tab as it will popup and self timeout. I started having small extrusion issues day before I noticed the message and I was trying to figure out where it comes from (too much cooling, too low temperature, weird settings...) but I could not find it but it was just a few issues here and there and then it stopped being serious underextrusion issue, I cleaned the nozzle 5 times, spent 2-3 meters of nylon, inspected everything with microscope... and it was doing it again when I noticed a yellow/orange popup going away so I clicked on the console to find whole bunch of warnings about this...

    Now I started checking "console" tab every time print ends but I'm not sure if anything will be in the console tab if I start a fresh DWC after print is finished (as I normally start the print and close the tab as I don't enjoy looking at printer printing and monitoring statuses... was interesting 10+ years ago, now I start & forget and expect to find a printed piece after certain time passes & notification is sent 😄 )

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