Order dispatched?

  • I haven't looked in for a while, but I'm wondering what's the status of my order numbers 170 and 309?

    If they've been shipped, can I get a tracking number?

    I'd have sent an email, but the contacts tab mentioned using the forum.


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    I will check tomorrow and get back to you ASAP.

  • Thank you.

    Another question would be did I get the new version of the panel due, and what's the difference?

  • the Version number will be on the Silk Screen?

    As for differences I will leave that to David to answer?


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    I have emailed about the order details.

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    Differences in PanelDue 2.0 compared to 1.1 are:

    • brightness control. I still need to do work work on this because sometimes there is noticeable flicker.
    • ribbon cable connector, for connecting the SD socket on the display to a Duet WiFi. The interface to this SD card is much slower than to the built in one, so not suitable for uploading files over WiFi. However, some people like to write files to SD card on a PC and then physically move the card to the printer.
    • the width needed to the side of the LCD panel is reduced.

    Some of you may have noticed that we stopped doing the discount on PanelDue ordered with a Duet WiFi when we ran out of version 1.1 boards. A few lucky people got the 2.0 board at the discounted price.

  • OK,

    So mine was dispatched on the 1/9.

    What am I likely to have received?

    I was one of the ones wanting to use the SD card socket, so I guess it's an issue for me.

  • @T3P3Tony:

    I have emailed about the order details.

    Thank you, it just landed in Sydney yesterday

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    If you have an old version then an option is to use an external SD card socket, there are loads of them, this is one example:


    You don't need the voltage shift that example includes as both the SD card and the Duet work at 3.3V.

    You would need to make up a cable with a 2x5 IDC header at one end and either solder the other end directly onto the external SDcard or use pin headers at the other end.

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    It's possible to use the SD card socket on the older Panel Due too, just less convenient because instead of using IDC connectors at both ends of the ribbon cable, you have to so!der 5 or the wires to the pads labelled X4 on the PanelDue board.

  • All arrived today thank you, and smart looking kit it is too.

    I like that the panel due has a bit of weight to it, which along with the visual appearance suggests a bit of quality.

    And I really like the genuine plugs/pins that are supplied with it, as this makes retrofitting this panel to an existing printer quite straight forward.

    So good job guys!

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