DuetWifi + Nextion 7inch touchscreen = Possible???

  • I rescently bought myself a nextion 7" touchscreen(which has 4 wires coming out of it, (5V, Ground, RX, TX)), which I intended to use together with a Ramps 1.4 mounted on a MEGA 2560. And (needless to say perhaps?) I haven´t gotten it to work, at all. NOTHING works for me as intended, as a matter of fact, which is not only annoying as H–L, but also rather depressing.
    NOW, yesterday, I stumbled across this BRIGHT and MAGICAL beam of light, called DuetWifi, which I do intend to purchase ASAP! Either I will run it with PanelDue, OR with this Nextion-screen, that I allready own.
    Should mention, that I AM somewhat of a novice, when it comes to both 3D-printing, and electronics. I also have next to NO knwledge when it comes to writing code!
    On the other hand, what I DO HAVE, is a DREAM/VISION...!!! ::-))
    Can anyone tell me, whether DuetWifi and my Nextion-screen are compatible? And if they are, could anyone PLEASE help me out linking them together and making them work, as intended? Is there some way to make these two devices to interact with eachother? Also needless to say, I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFULL towards anyone who could/would help me out with this issue! IF NOT, I will buy the PanelDue, which on it's own seems as a VERY capable product.
    Otherwise I´ll have to wait for my Raspberry Pi III to arrive, (comes with a smaller touchscreen attached), and set it up with the Nextion, just to make use of it, making it "not just another NOT thought-thru purchase from me...

    ANY not misleading information, would be concidered help in the RIGHT direction for me!

    Glad for ANY HELP!

    Roland Sahlé

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    Hi Roland

    Thats an interesting screen! Looking at the information here:

    It looks Like you would need to program it to work with the gcode information that is available over the PanelDue header. Basically the PanelDue speaks Gcode with the Duet, over a serial link. This Nexicon display does not have the software on it to do tat but it might be possible to write an equivalent of the panelDue firmware for it.

  • Hi,

    I have the 5" enhanced equivalent (https://www.itead.cc/nextion-nx8048k050.html) and would love to see it working with the Duet.

    From my understanding of the Nextion all the commands are sent as G-Code over serial, having a quick look at the duet it looks like the PanelDue plugs into a serial port. Should it not be a simple case of configuring the LCD with the Nextion Editor (https://nextion.itead.cc/) and pluggging the two together?

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    If someone can use the Nextion editor to write some firmware to send the gcode commands then yes it should be possible.

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