wifi "passability" trough different filaments

  • I remember back in the day when I was working for a satellite opearator that it's rather important what type of plastic you use for the cover of your LNB as different plastics pass trough the high frequency RF differently. The interesting test I learned from my RF engineer was to put a piece of plastic in microwave oven and if at max power 1min it gets hot it's not a good material for LNB cover 🙂

    Fast-forwarding to today and I need to make (probably 3d print but not necesary) some cases for some IoT devices and I need to "hide/put in to case" some of my AP's. Some of the devices in question have detachable antennas and they are not going to be a problem as antenna is going outside of the box but bunch of other devices have embedded unmoveable antennas so I need to enclose them in a case made of plastic that's not going to drop 2.4 and 5GHz signal.

    Anyone know of any filament comparison wrt this thing? Or any general material comparison for this property?

  • I would think the plastic with the least water content would come out atop ignoring non plastic fillers?

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