Using AC Heater with external PID..

  • I have a very large, very High Wattage Silicone heater I'm using, and it has it's own pid control box and thermistor.

    I was wondering If I can simply Tell RepRap not to look for a bed heater?

    This is a machine for a specific purpose, it's always going to run at the same temp for the most part. It takes about 7 minutes to heat up, so I'd just rather set it by it's box, and use it, without it cooling down between plate changes..

    How would one go about this? telling The Firmware I have no heated bed I mean?

    Thanks sooooo much!

  • @Steve-Lynch in RRF 3 if you dont define a thermistor or bed heater, it won't look for one. In RRF2 you need to disable them explicitly (M140 H-1 IIRC).

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    Further, in RRF3 you could attach a thermistor and define it in the config and have it simply to monitor the temp without assigning it to a heater to control. You could use that to simply have the temp in the display, or even monitor it for excursions to act on.

  • Thanks man! I'm on 3.1, so I guess It'll just work then. 🙂

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