Two Duet 3 or Duet 3 and 2 Expansion 3HC

  • I want to build a machine with 12 Axis, so Duet 3 with 2 Expansion 3HC is possible. But is it possible to use a second Duet 3 also and connect them by CAN, using the second one in passive mode, using the drivers for a total of 12? Is the processing power usable, i.e. does this solution have a processing power advantage over the 2-Expansion solution?
    Has someone coupled two Duets already?

  • Its been brought up before, and IIRC dc42 said it was something that would be technically possible, but not supported by current firmware to run a 6HC as a slave.

    Edit: re processing power, i would highly doubt that making two duets into distributed processing setup using ethernet or can would make sense given the effort required and a single duet3 6hc is able to run much more expansions than what a 6hc alone would offer as a slave.

  • @bearer Thanks a lot for your information. I will go into the Expansion direction then.

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