UNSOLVED Duet 3D Magnetic Filament Sensor Warranty Process

  • One of my magnetic filament sensors has stopped working.

    I keep getting a "Extruder 1 reports sensor not working" error and the print stops.
    I have tried unplugging and reconnecting the sensor. This allowed the print to restart the first time, but not the second.
    Now the printer will not print with that sensor enabled.
    I have about 1.5 spools of filament though it.

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  • If I unplug and re-plug it in I get a green light then a red light that flashes periodically.

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    Does any of this describe what you are seeing?

    Status indication LEDs
    In normal operation, during initial power up, the filament monitor will flash the green LED 3 times to indicate the magnet is detected. The green LED will then flash periodically red and green indicating communication to the Duet (the green flashes are position reports, the red ones are status reports). If the magnet is rotating the green LED will flash more frequently (can look like almost solid green)

    If the filament monitor fails to initialise after power up, then instead of flashing the green LED 3 times it will flash the red LED to indicate an error. It will continue to try to initialise and flash the red LED until successful initialisation.

    The number of flashes of the red LED indicates the nature of the error, as follows:

    4 flashes: I2C communications error
    5 flashes: I2C channel is in an incorrect state
    6 flashes: Magnet not detected. Typically this means that the magnet is too far away from the sensor chip.

  • Well right now it's giving me a red flash and a green blip. Like about half the duration of the red flash.
    But that is with no filament going though it. (I'm doing a single color print right now.
    When I do a dual filament print on my SeeMeCNC Artemis 300 it will work for a random amount of time, then completely stall the print job giving me that "Extruder 1 reports sensor not working" error that cannot be cleared or overridden to finish the print job.

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    Where and when was the sensor purchased?

  • From filastruder on may 20th

  • Ordered 3 of them, got one that suffered infant mortality.

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    @skymasteres please let filastruder know the warranty replacement is approved. I would need to check with them but if you are ok to swap out the PCB as we don't have stock of the housings right now.

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