• Dear Friends,

    I'm new to the 3D printer segment and would like your help.

    I initially bought a TRONXY 500e (COREXY) printer with about 500x500x600mm, which is the beginning of my failure in the 3D universe.

    After that I started to study about the best electronics and components for the 3D universe and I came to two brands DUET and E3D.

    With that I applied several upgrades to my old Tronxy like; EXTRUDER, BED, MAINBOARD (DUET 2 ETHERNET + DUEX, LINEAR RAILS BELTS and 24V PSU, that is, it became another piece of equipment.

    Today the equipment works, but it has some restrictions and problems.

    The biggest problem I have today is that after making an impression I have to remove the piece from the bed (using a spatula) and when that happens the motors end up allowing the height of the Z axis to move and the entire calibration of the height and leveling of the BED with the print head is lost.

    Today I have 2 independent motors on the Z axis (SL42STH60-1684A) and I thought about discarding these motors and using 4 x (Super Whopper Motor) to accomplish this task.

    I say this because the glass plate I added as BED is about 3.0 kg and when I turn off the printer the bed comes down due to the weight of the glass.

    I have no intention of changing the bed, as it was the flattest surface I have found so far.

    I would like your help and guidance before buying 4 x (Super Whopper Motor) for my printer in addition to the indication of additional products needed in my configuration.

    I appreciate if you can help me.

    Thank you




    BED is about 3.0 kg and when I turn off the printer the bed comes down due to the weight of the glass.

    The usual cause of that happening (and the reason for your other problems) is that the lead of you screws is too course and so the helix angle is too steep. I would hazard a guess that you have 4 start screws with a lead of 8mm or so, and if that is the case, I would change them to single start with a lead of 2mm. This will also increase the effective gearing by a factor of 4 so you'll need a lot less motor torque to turn the screws.

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    Given the size and lack of rigidity of the tronxy you may also want to consider automatic leveling using 3 lead screws and motors and a probe, (not 4, that's too many), in addition to reducing the lead screw lead angle.

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