Short-To-Ground ERROR

  • Hello,

    I'm Lars and i am new at this forum.

    I hope that's the right place for this Problem.

    I have bought a Duet 2 Wifi and a Duex 5.

    My Problem is, that I have not connected any Motor to the duex, but it shows an error (see picture).


    Could you please help me and find out what's the Problem!

    Best Regards


  • Welcome Lars! You are probably in the correct place indeed.

    The error is either the divers are damaged or the is an issue with communication to the Duex.

    You have wired it correctly, paying attention to the part if using a heavy gauge ground wire between the two?

    Is this a new board with a new problem, or old borad with new problem?

  • Hi bearer,

    Sorry that I'm answering so late.

    I've only connected the board with the ribbon cable to the duet 2 wifi.

    The board is completely new, it was the first time, I've connected and started the board.

    Thanks for help!

  • Late is relative, it's always gin tea(?) o'clock somewhere..

    Please refer to and see if adding the power wiring resolves the issue?

  • That's right 😉

    YEAH many thanks for your help! This solves the problem. Now it's working fine.

    Many thanks!