Smart Effector flashes 7 times. (Strain Gauge Traces)

  • Greetings --

    Over the past 6 months, I have purchased 3 smart effectors (ideally for quick swapping nozzle/heater block configurations).

    2 of them came (purchased 6/12 and 4/26) and immediately were flashing 7 flashes out of the box and an older one (purchased 3/9/2020) started flashing 7 times yesterday after working fine since purchase.

    Per the smart effector docs, I'm assuming that something is amiss with the strain gauge traces, but not sure how it would have happened with the older effectors as I am always very careful in mounting and unmounting components.

    Current set up:

    • Anycubic Predator (24v power supply)
    • Duet 2 wifi (with PT100 daughterboard) running RR3.0
    • Smart Effector (with Volcano hotend and printed fan mounts)
    • Panel Due 5"

    Attached are photos of the affected effectors:


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    The strain gauge traces are all along the center of the triangle around the center hole basically. The photos are a little dark and blurry to make out very well, but if you inspect them closely yourself to you see and scuffs or scratches on the PCB?

  • @Phaedrux -- On the topside (white line) or bottom side (no line)?

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    You can kind of make out the actual lines of the strain gauge traces if you look closely.

  • I was able to wipe that area with a microfiber cloth and get 2 of the 3 to work, but the third still will not. This is the most recent one that came in June. I don't see any discernible scratches or anything, it just flashes 7 times regardless...

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    Can you post some higher quality photos of the one that still isn't working? Up close, well lit, and maybe prop your camera up on something to steady it.

    I can see what might be some scratches and scuffs on your previous photos but it's hard to really be sure.

  • Sure -- Focusing a little closer: IMG_3693.jpeg IMG_7648.jpeg

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    I can't see anything obvious on that smart effector. Since this particular smart effector is still within warranty and we can't see any obvious damage we will authorize a replacement. Please contact your seller and initiate a warranty exchange.

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