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  • Hi all,
    Just wondering whether anyone reading this has the required skills, equipment, and willingness to repair a pair of duet wifi boards. Each is u in need of an onboard stepper driver replacement. FWIW, I do have another third board which is totalled with the exception of all drivers being functional do it could theoretically be parted for the necessary drivers to place on the boards that need them. Please do respond if you'd be willing to help a fellow hobbyist out for a reasonable price.

    Thank you.


  • I believe this board is just a simple through hole mount. hit radio shack for a solder iron, solder and either wick or a solder sucker (might be able to find and print 1 from thingyverse lol you can experiment with the bad board or any old board until you get the feel for it but don't worry, it is pretty simple. The trick is to make your mounts look like a Hershey kiss not round aka "bigger the glob the better the job" LOL If you insist, i could do it for you but i think you will find it is very easy and no need for a fancy solder station for this stuff at all. Get the temp figured out on a bad board and you will not have to worry about burning the board or chip during replacement. If you have any questions on this just let me know. once upon a time i was an EE in the navy so am somewhat familiar… 1 word of caution, IF you use flux, it will help solder flow but is corrosive to electronics and must be cleaned off after preferably with tricoralfilate as it leaves no residue but high grade alcohol (90%) will also work

  • W3DRK on this forum does Duet repairs, including SMT work.

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    If you are in the USA, ask W3DRK. If you are in the UK, you can ask me. Elsewhere it's your choice, bearing in mind that the cost of tracked carriage to/from the USA or UK may make it expensive. You may be able to find a local hackspace/makerspace with the right equipment.

  • Im curious, what are you doing with your duetWifi boards where you destroyed 3 of them?

    I shorted the 3.3v rail to ground and she is still chooching away 😉

  • It all tracks back to one bad day some time back when I had a short in what then was a new quick- connect system for effectors to mature it easier to swap out bergen my two metal max deltas, as I had found what now has become common place via a product which is a circuit board with connections to two fans, Thermistor, LED, hotend all via a 12 pin proprietary connector which I inadvertently made a mistake while crimping the connector due to being very overtired. Problem was the mistake was actually in the board though I was convinced it was with the wiring loom end of the connector. So I proceeded to fry one, replace it, inspect the wiring thought I find the error, corrected it (or so I thought), reconnected the effectors and magic smoke. I was pissed off and so I'm like screw Metal Max #1, key me prove to myself this goddamn effectors quick change system works by running a test using the second metal max system in the room next door and I'll call it a day…you can only guess how I finally narrowed down the wiring error to be on the effector and not the printer -side of the connection. What a day.

  • W3DRK,
    by any chance do you browse the forums and read this? If so, please respond as I've sent you a PM but no reply. Thanks very much.


  • Might want to send him an email through the forum as his PM notifications seem to have problems.

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