Robo3D R2 IR Probe

  • I'm currently converting a robo r2 from its 8bit board to a duet 2 wifi.
    One of the items it has fitted that I'd like to retain is the IR Probe.
    Its a copy of dc42's ir probe.
    I have it connected via the zprobe port and my config.g says

    M558 P2 C"" H5 F120 T6000

    But whether I have it near the bed or away, the value is always dancing between 400 and 550.
    I should add that the red light is on all the time

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    some photos of the board here

  • Its ok, got it sorted, had it wired wrong.

    For reference, the wiring from left to right with the LEDs at the bottom is Voltage, Ground, Signal

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