Upgrading Steppers on CR-10S - Phase Wiring?

  • After swapping the Duet Wifi into my CR-10S and running it for a few months, I have been looking around at other ways to improve this thing and decided better steppers would be next. I learned as much about the stepper specs as I could and found a much higher torque stepper from Moons that seemed to be better in everyway. Unfortunately I didn't consider there would be wiring differences and immediately fried a stepper driver. Fast forward a few months and I replaced the duet board and have the printer working again with the stock steppers. I would like to upgrade the steppers still but obviously there are wiring differences I need to sort out first.

    From the wiki, my understanding is that the phases of the Moons stepper were likely wired differently which is why I fried the driver. I found some info around the web that suggested that the JST connector on my stock nema 17 motors use pins 1 and 4 for one phase and pin 3 and 6 for the other but the wiring is all black but I am struggling to confirm this. However, I did install a hemera hot end awhile back on the stock wiring. Since that's been working great I am assuming the steppers are wired the same which would confirm that my stock steppers use pins 1/4 for one phase and 3/6 for the other. Looking at the moons steppers diagrams, I believe the wiring is setup for pins 1/3 on one phase and 4/6 for the other which would explain the fried stepper driver.

    Overall it would seem that I could could swap pins 3 and 4 on the JST connector and the moons stepper should work. I don't completely understand all the diagrams and information on this though so I am hoping someone could double check my thought process here and let me know if I have missed something. I would really rather not have to replace the duet again.

  • The Stepper motors on my ender 5 is wired ABAB , which I would guess in correct for most creality printers.
    So if you are swapping the middle pin you are wiring it up as AABB.
    To test things out just short two wires on the stepper motor and you will fell a resistance to turning, that's how to find the phases of the stepper or use a meter.
    As long as you get the phases correct it will just run in the wrong direction.


  • @peter247 That was all the confirmation I needed to give a shot and it and still works!

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