The stop button...

  • Hi, is there any way to make the display less of a hazard of accidental inputs ruining a plate?

    I now on three occasions accidentally executed the emergency stop on a running print by touching the screen when handling the door of my printer. This is getting to a point where I am seriously considering going back to a 12864 instead 😞

    Potential solutions:

    • ask for confirmation of the stop button
    • screensaver, getting enabled a few minutes into the print , maybe showing the splash screen with a small progress bar below?

  • administrators

    The display dims after a period of inactivity (unless you set "Never dim" in the settings), so you would actually need to press the Stop button twice to make it stop. Is that what is happening?

  • Thanks! I enabled that option, I will rather not try it for now since I have a running print...

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