12V and 24V supplies for E0 & E1

  • I am diversifying my delta to be able to use several different hot ends (one of which is only available 12V) and extruder setups (direct on effector and cable driven) with circular locking connectors mounted on the frame. The V1.01 board and bed heat will always use the 24V supply. The 12V supply will be wired common negative to the 24V supply. I know I can use fan0-, fan1-, and fan2- for both 12V and 24V by supplying the + voltage of choice (+12V or +24V) to the + of the fan and using the fan0-, fan1-, fan2- to the - of the fan. Can the same be done for E0- and E1- without damage? I see the D7 LED in series with R67 between E0- and V_IN. If I have my head wrapped around this the only drawback would be D7 would be partially to fully illuminated when using the 12V supply for E0 with TR4 off since the anode would have +24V and the cathode would have +12V.

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    That's correct, you can connect your hot end heater between +12V and E0- but the LED will be permanently illuminated, getting brighter when the heater is turned on.

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