RRF makes me feel stupid! (rant, just ignore me)

  • As subtly hinted in the title I am having trouble transitioning from Marlin to RRF. To put it bluntly I feel that Marlin holds your hand a little more and RRF is for the big boys. Marlin has a lot more setup videos (cheaper product line most like the reason) & things seem to be where I'd expect to find them. In some cases I feel the RRF dozuki pages assume you already know. To give an example:
    I am currently attempting to do a PID tune on my hotend. I go through the autotune sequence, try to save the new parameters and get an M501 warning. Ok, I've seen this somewhere, back to dozuki pages, 'add M501 to the end of config.g' . Where? I have added M501 under the last line in config.g (the end) and no change.
    Now this is just one example, I have more. To be clear, I am not having a go at anyone, nor am I in any way diminishing the efforts of those responsible for the dozuki pages. I am most certain this all points back to me...being stupid.

    Note: I will be continuing this journey, as I genuinely believe once the arduous task of configuring the firmware is over you are left with a very streamline & capable control system. This rant is just a 'heads up' I will be bombarding the forums with seemingly stupid questions. Be gentle 🙂

  • Anything has some learning curve to it, but the more you can clearly point out what you have found and where you find it lacking the better the documentation will be.

    In theory a well maintained wiki/dozuki should be better than a random selection of videos that can't be indexed and searched.

    I think the intended workflow is to check the Read config-override.g file at end of startup process box on https://configtool.reprapfirmware.org/General and then issue M500 after having run M303

  • Yes , I agree about the documentation.
    I've sent to last week doing the same !!!!! ,How do I fix a bed heater fault ? , Do a heater auto tune , How do a stop the filament ejecting at the end of the print , Use a m83 , why this ? , Do this .
    Now I think I've just about got it all sorted .
    I think in the end RRF is easer to set up then marlin because most of the set up is in just 1 file config.g , But don't forget to edit all the homing file too.
    For me Marlin is now too complex with so many config file to set .

  • this might be suitable starting point for "conversion therapy" ?https://duet3d.dozuki.com/#Section_If_you_are_not_familiar_with_Duet_electronics_or_RepRapFirmware

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