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  • Hi all, a quick question. Are there any known issues running duet's web interface on Brave? It is my preferred web browser but I am getting Java script errors when trying to do things like display height map. Before I go down the rabbit hole of testing other browsers I figured I'd ask the question.

    I should add Brave is up to date and RRF version
    FIRMWARE_NAME: RepRapFirmware for Duet 2 WiFi/Ethernet FIRMWARE_VERSION: 2.05.1 ELECTRONICS: Duet WiFi 1.02 or later FIRMWARE_DATE: 2020-02-09b1

    Not game to try RRF3 yet, still battling my way through Ver. 2

    Thanks in advance

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    @Hytek Not sure, haven't tried or tested the Brave browser. But it's based on Chromium, and other Chromium based browsers work fine. Is there any preferences for disabling Javascript? Personally, I use Firefox (on MacOS), but Chrome works fine too.


  • Not sure what you mean by ' Is there any preferences for disabling Javascript? ' If you mean can it be toggled on/off there is an extension that functions as a switch.

    I am not opposed to changing browsers, just want to make sure I need to first

  • I think he meant to indicate DuetWebControl needs Javascript enabled.

  • That's what I figured. I checked for any updates to javascript for brave but nothing. That's how I found out about the extensions.

  • Just making sure, but Javascript is definitely enabled


  • this is the best place to post an issue detailing the errors etc

    (but I'm not sure supporting additional browsers would be a priority in the immediate future)

  • @Hytek I had the same issue and was able to get it working with brave.
    Can't remember what the solution was..
    perhaps it is this settings "Block scripts to set to off":
    Not sure if there is a more site specific fix for that when this was the really the fix for me.

  • I downloaded Firefox to give that a try. Worked no problems, was able to display the height map for the first time. Now I wish I hadn't 😲

  • Hi,
    I've been using Brave with my Duet Maestro for ages. I just turned off Brave Shields for the ip address for my Duet. See the yellow arrow in my screenshot - just click on the Brave icon and choose "Shields Down" by dragging the slider to the leftBrave Duet.jpg

  • I ended up using Firefox. I set the web interface as my home page and that's all I use Firefox for. Seems wasteful but....

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