print quality issues

  • Hello everyone,

    I recently upgraded my ender 3 pro with a duet 2 ethernet. After some set up problems I am now able to print. How ever the first prints had some serious issues in quality. So I guess these are configuration problems how ever I was not able to find helpful wiki or tutorials. Can anyone give me advice how I fix my issues or where I can find some dokuments to learn this stuff 🙂 ?

    Here is a print example:
    Top View

    side view

    Here is the gcode file that cura spit out - might be helpful for your troubleshooting:

    Any Idea where to start the adjustment :)?

  • Moderator

    Maybe take a look at this calibration guide.

    Looks a bit like under extrusion. There could be a few causes for this like the heater/thermistor values being incorrect and giving incorrect temperatures which could lead to under extrusion. It could be the extruder hasn't been calibrated, or was calibrated with incorrect temperatures.

    Post your config.g as well. What firmware version are you using?

  • @Phaedrux
    Thank you very much for this post. By going through that page I found multiple problems. Now my machine prints perfect ❤

    Thank you alot 🙂

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