Printer has gone crazy!

  • I did try to research this problem before posting a new topic. Not being totally sure how to word the printer's behavior makes it difficult tho. Here's the problem:

    The printer functions fine just jogging around, homing etc. I load a basic 20x20 test cube into Cura, slice it, upload the file to duet interface, clench & press play. Note, this is my first print, hence the inevitable clenching.

    Firstly I am confronted by


    It goes away after a few seconds so I carry on. Printer heats up, homes, then travels to the back of the print bed to waste filament into the bottom of the printer case. In its mind it's actually printing, the extruder goes through its motions. Extrude...retract...extrude some more and so on. All the while it's totally ignoring the fact it is resting on both X&Y limit switches.

    Minutes later the Duet interface congratulates me on a job well done and asks if I want to do another!

  • Hi,

    Post the first 50 or so lines of the gcode file you are trying to print.


  • Opening the gcode file reveals


    this goes on for a while before it gets to


    Hope the screen captures aren't a problem

  • Hi,

    Looks like CURA may be configured wrong for your printer.

    And just so you know you can use the "code" tag ( </> ) to have code appear in a scrolling window right in your post.


    G28 X Y Z
    G1 X10 Y20 Z30 F600
    G1 X20 Y30 Z40 F600


  • Very few parameters to set up new printer in Cura. Setting up a profile in Ideamaker, see how that goes

  • Ideamaker doesn't quite make it as far before requiring an emergency abort , tries to touch off the Z axis outside the print area. Mind you it has already homed at this stage. I suspect adding a move command between the 2 G28 lines I have marked with an * will fix this. Doesn't explain why it generated the code this way tho.

    ;Sliced by ideaMaker, 2020-07-24 19:51:10 UTC+1000
    ;Dimension: 600.000 600.000 550.000 0.400
    ;Plate Shape: 0
    ;Extruder Offset #1: 25.000 0.000
    ;Filament Diameter #1: 1.750
    ;Filament Diameter #2: 1.750
    ;Filament Compensation #1: 90.00
    ;Filament Compensation #2: 90.00
    ;Filament Density #1: 1240.00
    ;Filament Density #2: 1240.00
    ;Bounding Box: 286.200 313.800 286.200 313.800 0.000 20.050
    ;Model Gap: 0.000
    M221 T0 S90.00
    M140 S65.00
    M104 T0 S200.00
    M109 T0 S200.00
    M190 S65.00
    *G28 X0 Y0
    *G28 Z0
    G1 Z15.0 F300
    G92 E0
    G1 F140 E29
    G1 X20 Y0 F140 E30
    G92 E0
    G1 F6000.0

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    @Hytek the M10086 is a Gcode that contains a binary image of the Gcode file that’s being printed (at least, that’s what I think it does). Probably when you set Cura up you chose settings that made it think you had a machine compatible with this format.


  • Got idea maker working, replaced the 2 suspect lines with a single G28

    Now Extruder works in reverse & I get a G221 no tool selected on job start up. Hopefully after I get those sorted will be happy times.

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