Heater, Thermistor and Fan for Mosquito Magnum

  • Good Morning,

    just assembling my first CoreXY and thinking about which heater, thermistor and fan to use for a Mosquito Magnum hotend. I'm using a Mosquito on my CR-10S Pro and had problems with controlling the original fan so I think i'll go with a different one. But what's about the heater and thermistor. Is it wise to use the original ones from Slice Engineering or can someone recommend something different?

    Thanks, Martin

  • The Slice engineering 50w heater and thermistor are very well constructed. That little hotend heats up like nobodys business!
    And for a fan, I am using a three wire to monitor RPMs.

    So far the toolboard seems to handle it all great. From past experience, I find that going with the name brand gear is worth the time, hassle and aggravation save from not going with knockoffs.

  • Hello, I went for a 25mm fan, knockoff 450deg thermistor and 22mm 50W cartridge from mellow.

    Even running their hardened and plated copper nozzles

    Absolutely no issue with setup or reliability it's been doing a great job for the past 3months here.

    I found the ambient temp shows up rather high but the discrepancy goes off as it rises in temp; from the 200s deg it's spot on. (controlled with a temp probe inserted in the hotend)

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