Start G-code for PrusaSlicer with multible extruders

  • I've been using S3D since i converted my machine to 3 extruders, but recently had a windows meltdown and i lost all my print profiles.

    So instead of derping around with the dying S3D i'm trying to setup PrusaSlicer now, but i can't quite figure out the start g-code so that it selects the right tool to start off the print.

    Could someone here with a working multi extruder start g-code please give me a glimpse into how you set this up? 😇

  • If you define multiple tools, and select which tool does which thing, does it not generate the tool selection for you?

  • @bot
    That's what i thought to, but it didn't do it when i tried a single extruder slice at least.

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