End of Pre-Order (coming soon!)

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    Firstly thank you to all our pre-order customers (and pre-production beta testers) who have supported us in making the Duet Wifi a reality.

    Tomorrow we will start to ship orders from batch 5 (~2 weeks early!) and all orders placed so far will be shipped to customers (or to Filastruder in the case of USA customers) by next Tuesday, 20 September. At that point we will end the pre-order and move to a normal delivery schedule for new orders, with next day dispatch.

    That will also mark the end of the discounted pre-order prices for the DuetWifi and add on hardware. The new prices (ex VAT) from 20 September will be:

    DuetWifi £120
    PT100/TC daughterboard £23
    IR Probe £20
    PanelDue V2 /4.3" LCD £60
    e3d Stuff the same as e3d's website.

    Delivery costs will be the same as at present. All customers in the USA should place orders directly with Filastruder.

    For those who want to make use of the cheaper pre-order prices the existing prices will remain valid until 20 Sep. We will ship any new pre-orders as quickly as possible after 20 September.

  • Given the current exchange rate, £120 plus £10 shipping comes out to about $146 USD.
    Filastruder = $169.99 shipped

    After the pre-order is over, can USA customers buy directly from you to save about $23?

  • that 120 is plus taxes don't you have to pay any taxes on imported items


  • Nope, I've never had to pay taxes when buying things from Europe.

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    The shipping will be a bit more for USA customers because we are not shipping bulk batches to Filastruder. Not sure exactly how.much now.

    Even using the £10 for shipping, £130 works out at $173 according to google today. So it will be slightly cheaper to buy from Filastruder.

  • Ah! And there's my mistake, I was thinking the currency was euros, not pounds sterling. That explains it, my mistake!

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    No worries, minor panic here thinking the pound had just crashed hugely again!!

  • I have not received any email for my batch 4 order, has it been dispatched? May you email me the tracking info for order #298? Thanks!

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    Hey Bot.

    It was posted yesterday, you should get the dispatch confirmation from PayPal.

  • It's all sorted, Roland emailed me. Thanks again so much.

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